Initials (A - Z)

Express your identity with this NFT collection, that features beautifully designed alphabet letters for your initials in a creative and unique way!.

Variants: 26

Duplicates: 10

Total Supply: 260

Cost: 70 ADA for 3

70 ADA for 3 - Mint Now!


This Collection features beautifully designed one-of-a-kind names, perfect for showcasing your individuality and adding personalization to your collection. With its bold and vibrant design, it's a rare and valuable addition to any digital art collection. Get yours now!

Variants: 1

Duplicates: 1 of a kind

Total Supply: infinite

Cost: 78 ADA

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A masterpiece, featuring stunning representations of different nations in the world, capturing the essences of it's unique geography culture and history. Show your patriotism in a visually striking way. Mint yours today and celebrate your identity with pride!

Variants: 195

Duplicates: 10

Total Supply: 1859

Cost: 50 ADA

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The collection celebrates the cultural diversity of different nationalities, featuring beautifully designed representations of unique cultural items. Each NFT is one of-a kind, making it a rare and valuable addition. Mint to celebrate the beauty of different cultures in a visually stunning way!

Variants: 195

Duplicates: 5

Total Supply: 975

Cost: 85 ADA

Mint Now

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