Playing & Learning

The alphabet transformer is an educational tool! With just a few twists and turns, each letter of the alphabet will transform into a palm size robot. Your kids will love playing with this toy & can't resist more learning fun.

These colorful handheld sized alphabets can also be combined into a bigger robot,
which adds another extra dimension to the whole idea of "Learningthrough playing". 

Creative Cognitive

Be Creative!

Alphatron encourages the ability & practice of viewing things from different angles, exercising our brain activity to shift perspectives, to access multiple meanings allowing us not to get stuck in 1 particular perspective. 

“There are always more than a way to perceive what’s in front of us!”

Self Management

Studies show that approximately 1 in 50 kids in US either with autism, ADHD or other form of self management disorders.  Alphatron can help & to prevent it. Through occasional play to develop & train numerous of skills, from motor to cognitive.

NFT Collectables

A set of physical mini alphabet figures that can transform and combine. Through the digital art of NFT in the Cardano blockchain, we opt to provide collectable arts that represents each figure and you personally in the real world. Bridging the virtual asset to a physical product that you can touch, feel and play Something that would truly represents you.